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Warm Congratulations Chairman of Group Qu Qing Was Rated As Shandong Province Excellent Chief Data Officer CDO

Date: 17/09/2020   View: 25  Tags: Chairman Chief Data Officer CDO

On July 31, the 2020 Qilu Trip to the High-quality Luhuo and E-commerce Platform and the Shandong Province Outstanding Chief Data Officer Recognition Conference was held in Yantai Golden Coast Hilton Hotel, Yantai People'S Government Vice-Mayor Li Zhaohui, Shandong Province Department Of Industry And Information Technology Inspector II Zhang Zhongjun, Vice President Wang Peinuan of JD Group attended the event and delivered a speech. China Coal Group General Manager Wang Kun attended the meeting on behalf of the group chairman Qu Qing.

At the scene, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with industry associations to further deepen the association’s strategic cooperation with in various fields such as e-commerce, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence.

The 2019 Shandong Province Excellent Chief Data Officer (CDO) was commended at the meeting. China Coal Group Chairman Qu Qing was named the 2019 Shandong Province Excellent Chief Data Officer (CDO) for his outstanding achievements in the field of corporate big data. Issue a certificate of honor.

Qu Qing, Outstanding Entrepreneur in China's Machinery Industry, Outstanding Entrepreneur in Shandong Province, Advanced Individual in the Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization in Shandong Province, Innovative Individual in Industry-University-Research Cooperation in Shandong Province, Advanced Individual in Enterprise Informatization Construction in Shandong Province, Shandong Province Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Tutor Library Expert Excellent Chief Information Officer of Shandong Province, Excellent E-commerce Entrepreneur of Shandong Province, Leader of Shandong Province Integrity Construction Demonstration Enterprise, Vice President of Jining City General Chamber of Commerce, Member of the 13th Executive Committee of Jining City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jining City E-commerce Chairman of the Association, currently Chairman of China Coal Group and China Transportation Group.

With the development of 5G communication, AI, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things technology, Chairman Qu Qing vigorously promotes the construction of enterprise informatization, and leads the technical team to develop the Emine Cloud Industrial Internet platform, which uses cloud computing and big data to accurately locate global customer distribution And market demand is the benchmark and model for industrial enterprises in Shandong Province and even the whole country to use information technology to promote the conversion and development of new and old kinetic energy of enterprises. Under the leadership of Qu Qing, China Coal Group has developed from a traditional coal mine manufacturing company into a large diversified industrial group integrating science and technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet and other industries, and expanded big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, Emerging industries such as artificial intelligence and 5G have achieved double harvests in terms of economic and social benefits. The group has been rated as a demonstration platform enterprise for manufacturing double innovation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a typical case enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a pilot project enterprise for e-commerce integration innovation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a national new information consumption demonstration project, an innovation practice award for the integration of two industrializations in China, an enterprise in Shandong Province A number of honors such as the outstanding industry cloud benchmarking of Shanghai Cloud have made positive contributions to the development of the province's big data industry!

This time, Qu Qing, the chairman of our group, was named the Excellent Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Shandong Province in 2019, which is not only a full affirmation of his personal development achievements in the field of big data, but also the future development direction and development of the entire China Coal Group The prospect is highly recognized. Our group will take this as an opportunity, under the leadership of Chairman Qu Qing, to thoroughly implement the digital Shandong strategy, drive the conversion of new and old kinetic energy of the company with big data, play a role model and lead, and contribute more to promoting the high-quality development of the province’s economy. More power!


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