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Zhong Yun Group Held Voting For The 194th Constituency Of Deputies To The Third National People'S Congress In Rencheng District, Jining City

Date: 28/12/2021   View: 78  Tags: Zhong Yun News National People's Congress Election

At 9:00 a.m. on December 28, the 194th constituency of the third National People's Congress of Rencheng District, Jining City (the constituency of Liaohe Intelligent Industrial Park) held a grand voting election in the industrial park of Zhong Yun Group.

The voting was presided over by Kou Hongwei, deputy director of the Management Committee of Liaohe Intelligent Industrial Park, Qu Qing, Chairman of Zhong Yun Group, Han Yong, General Manager, Feng Zhenying, Secretary of the Party committee and Executive Deputy General Manager of the Group, all cadres and employees of the group, Yang Mingli, Director of the Non-public Party Construction Service Center of Liaohe Intelligent Industrial Park Meng Xianchao, General Manager of Shandong xinbinxiang Trading Co., Ltd., and all cadres and employees of the company participated in the election, and voters registered by other enterprises in the park also actively came to participate in the election.

The polling station is solemnly arranged, with a solemn five-star red flag hanging above. The red banner of "The People's Representatives Are Elected By The People, And The Deputies Are Elected For The People" is particularly eye-catching. A red ballot box is placed under the national flag. The polling station is equipped with a guidance group, a public security group, an epidemic prevention group, a vote monitoring group, a registration office and a vote writing office. The staff of each post are responsible and perform their duties.

At 9:30 a.m., amid the majestic national anthem, The voting and election of the 194th constituency of the third people's Congress of Rencheng district (the constituency of Liaohe Intelligent Industrial Park) was officially kicked off. Qu Qing, chairman of the group, Han Yong, general manager and other leaders walked into the voting site, listened carefully to the matters related to the voting and election, understood the election methods in detail, received and filled in the votes, went to the ballot box in turn and solemnly cast the votes.

The election of deputies to the National People's Congress is a major event in the political life of the people. In order to organize the voting and election, the leading working group of Jiezhuang Street election, the Management Committee of Liaohe intelligent industrial park and relevant enterprises in the park have held many adjustment meetings with our group for departments and relevant personnel, carefully planned and carefully deployed, pressed compaction responsibilities, and specially assigned personnel, Make all preparations, explain the election process in detail, sort out the emergency plan, and promote the work of each stage in an orderly manner. At the same time, we will firmly implement the latest instructions and requirements of cities, districts and streets on epidemic prevention and control, scientifically prevent and control, accurately implement policies, and adhere to "Group Prevention And Control, Joint Prevention And Control", so as to lay a good foundation for this voting and election activity. This election fully reflects the voters' exercise of their democratic rights and the election requirements of "he People's Representatives Are Elected By The People, And The Deputies Are Elected For The People". It is an important democratic practice to strengthen the construction of socialist democratic politics and adhere to and improve the people's Congress system. It is important to strengthen and consolidate the party's ruling foundation and promote the modernization of regional governance system and governance capacity, It is of great significance to pool the wisdom and strength of the people and promote high-quality economic and social development during the 14th Five Year Plan period.

The whole voting process is orderly, open and transparent according to law. The staff carefully checked everyone's voter cards and distributed votes. After receiving the ballot, voters carefully read the text on it and then fill it in carefully. Under the whole process supervision and guidance of scrutineers, tellers and other staff, they lined up in an orderly manner and put one ballot into the ballot box.

The location of this election and voting activity is located in the industrial park of Zhong Yun Group, which is the glory of Zhong Yun Group. It enables the employees of the group to fully exercise the voting rights conferred by the constitution. At the same time, for improving the cohesion of the group, educate and guide the employees to actively participate in the political activities of government organizations and make concerted efforts to do a good job in the general election of the National People's Congress, Effectively provide strong support for the realization of the objectives of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

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