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Steel rail is the main part of railway track

Its function is to guide the vehicle to go forward, bear the huge pressure of the wheels, and pass on to the sleeper. Steel rail must provide continuous, smooth, and least resistance to the wheel rolling surface.In electrified railway or automatic block section, steel rail use as track circuit is also available

Steel Rail
Wheel Pressure
Railway Track
Rolling Surface
Functions guide the vehicle to go forward Classification 75kg/m,60kg/m,50kg/m

Steel Rail Type

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  • Steel Rail type is expressed by its kilogram per metre.

    China railway adopts 75kg/m, 60kg/m, 50kg/m, 43kg/m and 38kg/m etc.
  • Section of steel rail adopts the optimal flexural performance I-shaped section adopting the section shape of the rail,

    Steel Rail is composed of three parts: head, web, foot. To make the rail better endure all kinds of force, ensure the necessary strength condition,the rail shall be of sufficient height, its head and foot should be of sufficient size and height,
    web and foot should not be too thin.
  • For heavy haul railway and particularly busy railway section,75kg/m rail should be laid.

    38kg/m steel rail has now stopped production, 60kg/m,50kg/m steel rail are mainly used for main railroad line.
    43kg/m steel rail is mainly used for station line and dedicted line. China railway rail use 75kg/m, 60kg/m, 50kg/m, 43kg/m,etc.
  • Short special section rails, referred to as AT rail are being used for more.

    In order to suit the needs of turnout, bridge and seamless line structure, the railway of our country also adopts a special section (I steel rail asymmetry along medial axis asymmetry).

Rail Length

Pictures for reference only as different product batch & specs.Please contact sales for confirm.

According to 250km/h passenger dedicated railway 60kg/m steel rail tentative specificationthe standard steel rail length of 250km/h passenger (frieght) dedicated railway is 100m.

Three kinds of curve shortening track that longer than 12.5m standard rail:40mm, 80mm and 120mm, three kinds of steel rail that shorter than 25.0m standard short rail:40, 80, 160mm.

Extra heay duty rail and heavy duty rail adopt 25.0m standard length rail.Other types of rail can adopt 12.5m, 25.0m standard length rail.

Rail Wear

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Rail Damage

There are generally two rail wear mechanisms, top wear where the rail head is worn or ground down, and side wear where the rail wears from the gauge face. Side wear is the dominant wear mechanism for the high rail of curves sharper than about 600m radius.

Measurements should be taken to an accuracy of 0.5mm, with the gauge face angle measured to an accuracy of 2 degrees. The head area loss should be measured to an accuracy of 2%.

Rail Classification

Pictures for reference only as different product batch & specs.Please contact sales for confirm.

  • Every county has its own steel rail production standard.
    UK: BS Series(90A,80A,75A,75R,60A,etc.)
    Germany:DIN Series.
    UIC: UIC Series.
    USA: ASCE Series.
    Japan:JIS Series.

  • In China, according to the weight per metre, steel rail can be divided into crane rail (QU120, QU100, QU80, QU70), heavy rail (38kg, 43kg, 50kg,etc.), light rail.

  • Manufacture and Usage
    Carbon, up to a maximum of 0.82%, and manganese, to a maximum of 1.7%, are needed to produce hard, wear resisting rails.Whose purpose is to withstand the rolling stock operating pressure and impact loads.

Steel Rail Parameters

Pictures for reference only as different product batch & specs.Please contact sales for confirm.

Heavy Steel Rail Parameters

Item Section Dia mm Section Area cm2 Theory Weight kg
  A B C D   Weight per m Weight per 12.5m Weight per 25.0m
      Include Bolt Hole Excluding 3 Bolt Hole Include Bolt Hole Excluding 3 Bolt Hole Bolt-Hole Weight
50 152 132 70 15.5 65.8 51.514 643.925 643.429 1287.850 1287.354 0.496
43 140 114 70 14.5 57.0 44.653 558.163 557.690 116.325 115.853 0.472
38 134 114 68 13.0 49.5 38.733 484.162 483.739 968.325 967.902 0.423
33 120 110 60 12.5 42.5 33.286 416.075 415.804 - - 0.271

Light Steel Rail Parameters

Item kg/m Section Dia mm Length m Section Area cm2 Theory Weight kg/m
  A B C D      
9 63.50 63.50 32.10 5.90 5-7 11.29 8.94
12 69.85 69.85 38.10 7.54 6-10 15.54 12.20
15 79.37 79.37 42.86 8.33 6-10 19.33 15.20
22 93.66 93.66 50.80 10.72 7-10 28.39 22.30
30 107.95 107.95 60.33 12.30 7-10 38.32 30.10

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