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Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine

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Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine
Product Introduction

Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine

The Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine also named as rail cutter, track cutter, rail saw, is used to cut the rails in pieces. It is very popular in the railway market. The gasoline engine is Honda, and is very convenient to be used without electric.

Our company is a leading manufacturer specialized in various railway maintenance equipment in China. Products including rail cutter, rail grinder, rail drilling machine, track lifting and lining machine, railway ballast tamper, railway bolt wrench, rail bender, rail gap adjuster, cutting disc, grinding stone, and etc.

Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine


Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine
Main Parameter

Petrol engine power

Cutting linear velocity

Grinding wheel size

Profile precision

Machine weight

Wooden box packing

6.5HP=4.8kw (Honda)



verticality tolerance ≤ 0.5mm

horizontal tolerance ≤0.35mm

cutting profile is smooth and clean no bluing



Internal Combustion Rail Cutting MachineBasic structure

Swing arm shafts and Suites for rolling friction to minimize wear and tear and prolong life

The swing arm, the cutting arm and the belt pulley are made of cast aluminium alloy, the quality is light and the strength is high

The internal combustion engine seat is a split cast aluminum alloy to reduce weight

Deformation mechanism is additionally arranged auxiliary wheel, to ensure smooth implementation of the ground

The clamping mechanism has the function of preventing derailment, the rail cutting machine is arranged on the rail, and the center of gravity of the rail cutting machine is coincident with the central axis of the railLoose clamping screw, rail cutting machine does not tilt

Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine
Maintenance and Repair

Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine

1.Grease the swing arm and the long shaft, and inject lubricating oil into the lubricator regularly

2.After cutting the rail machine for 500 hours, the main shaft bearing should be removed and replaced with grease

3.The swing arm and the cutting arm uses the threaded pin connection, the factory has a good tune, when worn after loosening, locking nut, screw thread pin, adjust the mechanical axial clearance, which can mutually rotate and axially move so far, then, nut

Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine

4.V belt tensioning adjustment with two spiral rotation angle six

5.No throwing or throwing during use or transportation

6.For a long time, should be placed in ventilated, dry and non corrosive gas warehouse, the internal combustion engine should be released fuel

7.The thin grinding wheel should be dampproof, anti-collision and anti pressure.

8.The recommended ambient temperature of the gasoline engine is between -15~40 degrees

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