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Tunnel Yieldable Protective Support

Tunnel yieldable protective support is mainly used for mine tunnel,secondary supporting of mine tunnel and supporting of mountain tunnel etc..To choose U steel tunnel yielding protective support solve

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Product Introduction

Tunnel yieldable protective support has advantages of high setting load,strong supporting strength,easy installation,deformation not easily.So it is mainly used for mine tunnel,secondary supporting of mine tunnel and supporting of mountain tunnel etc..U steel tunnel yieldable protective support can reduce the accident of roof caving,wall caving etc. and improve the stability of mine ventilation system stability safely.

Product Structure

1. The top beam

Top beam of circular arch, the amount of laneway cross-section size, support force, transportation conditions have different section 1 and section number.

2. The pillar leg

There are three kinds of forms of the pillar leg , one kind is upside for circular arc form, for straight line at the bottom; The second is all for the curved shape, and only one radius of curvature; The third is all for the curved shape, but there are two curvature radius.The pillar leg in welding under the base, the base of large plate on the hard and soft;

3. The fittings

Fitting is a support section and internode card device, can make the internode connection effect, can also be connected the two compression steel joint parts, provide pre-tightening force, make the u-shape between friction, thus ensuring that the arch has certain resistance and certain drop-off.

4.Frame between rod

Frame between rod is to enhance the effect of the relative stability, the support bracket from longitudinal connection, form a whole.

5.The backing material

Backing material is yielding protection between supports and surrounding rock of laneway filling material, the purpose is to make the yielding protective contact closely, supports and surrounding rock of laneway improve the stress of the support, to improve the bearing capacity and maintain the stability of surrounding rock.


1. High tolerance, long-time supporting, easy to install and difficult to deform.

2. Yielding, stable carrying capacity and suitable load and deformation.

3. High utilization, convenient operation, and requiring fewer repairs.

4. High reusing rate, fewer pit prop use and obvious environmental benifits.

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