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YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver



  • YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

    Product YD-120,it can make the pile 6 meters deep in average 3 minutes.Corrosion resistence and high fuel oil efficient,it can save lots of dollar for you and you company relating to maintance and usage.Adopt amount of manganese steel during manufacturing and processing,which make her suitable for all kinds of geological enviroment.

  • YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

    Product YD-230,which also called photovoltaic solar spiral pile drilling machine,adopt new-style hydraulic technique.large rotation torque,the structure of the drilling rig is compact.During operation,the slide-skid are supported on the the ground to ensure the drilling has good stability.You'll getthe experience of Durability through the entire progress.

  • YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

    Product YD-547 hydraulic crawler drill rig,adopt new hydraulic technology,low energy consumption.large rotation torque,convenient hole deflection.Compactmachine structure.Due to the mast has adjustable compensation function.When drilling ,the mast can be supported on the ground,so the borehole quality is stable.

  • YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

    flexible operation

  • YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

    Compact structure

  • YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

    Work strength

  • YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

    High efficiency

  • YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

    Easy to transport


The running mechanism of the electric crawler type spiral pile driver is mainly composed of a motor, a walking speed reducer, a driving wheel, a supporting chain wheel, a supporting wheel, a guide wheel and a track.


The drilling part is composed of power head (motor, three ring reducer), long spiral drill pipe and drill bit.


The frame of photovoltaic pile driver is mainly have two model:hydraulic walking pile frame or electric crawler pile frame.


The whole machine have the advantages of strong traction force,good stability,Strong adaptability to site, good climbing capacity ,good flexibility etc.

YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

1.The machine adopt caterpillar mobile form,good maneuverability and exact placing.Also the electrical hydraulic part totally adopt centralized control,convenient operation,greatly reduce the worker's labour.

YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

2.The walking mechanism adopt integral rigid suspension system,the upper operation mechanism adopt 3 pivot structure,having advantages of quick movement and placement.

YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

3.In addition to the four support-leg and walking mechanism adopting hydraulic system,the remaining construction adopt mechanical transmission system,reliable operation,convenient maintenance,amount of additional working device and setting make a a wide application scope.

YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

4.Winding motor adopt resistance control,meet the requirement of speed improving when grouting different aperture.the deployment of this machine is smooth,littte impact on the whole structure,extend the working time.

YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

The pile installation site should be smooth and solid.If the site bearing capacity can not reach the minimum operation requirement in compressive stress.The foundation box or 30mm thick steel plate shoule be laid under the caterpillar track.The spacing shall not more than 30mm.

Review Safe Operating Practices and division/program specific plans for working around pile driving activities.Park in areas that: provide safe entrance and exit of the work area; do not create potential conflicts with other vehicles and equipment operating in the work area.Wear appropriate personal protective equipment consistent with the hazard. Hard hats, safety shoes, safety glasses and vests are standard required equipment. Hearing protection is often needed.

YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver YD-120 photovoltaic pile driver

Avoid walking and working under suspended loads. Employees on foot must use extreme caution to stay clear of operating equipment. Always establish eye contact with the operator before approaching equipment.Proper lifting techniques shall be used when lifting, moving or positioning monitoring equipment or instruments. Get help or use mechanical aids if necessary.Be aware of escape routes in case of emergency. Be aware of loose materials, excavation drop-off, tripping hazards and other obstructions.

Allow ample space in all directions to work safely. Ensure that you know the location of all utilities in and near work site prior to commencing work. Ask the site foreman for the location.Be aware of poisonous plants, insects and snakes. It is a good practice to wear long sleeve shirts, gloves and high-top boots when hazards cannot be avoided.Keep walk spaces and work areas free from loose materials or tools.

Review MSDS for all hazardous materials being used or expected to be encountered.Be aware of pinch points and crushing hazards. Take extra precaution to prevent heat and cold stress when working in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Employees should wash hands before eating, drinking or smoking.

Product Model
YD-120 YD-230 YD-547
Bore diameter 90-300mm Power rating 50 KW Motor power 55KW
Bore depth 20-100m Rated speed 2400 r/min Rotation speed 0-60r/min
Air consumption 10-26m³/min Start the voltage 24 V Air consumption 10-15m³/min
Air pressure 0.7-1.6Mpa(medium)
Air pressure 0.8-1.8Mpa(medium)
Working pressure 0.7-1.6Mpa
Pipe diameter 76mm/89mm Crawler plate width 260 mm Boom swing Left 90 right45
For rock F=6-20 Highest pole 4370mm Boom pitch Up and down
60 degree
Bore diameter Max 400mm Scope of operation
parameters of
borehole diameter
400-800mm Bore diameter 90-400mm
Bore depth 0-30m Maximum drilling depth 15m Bore depth Horizontal 40
down 50
Screw pipe diameter 130-400mm Drill pipe rotation speed 0-71 r/min Feed stroke 3000mm
Once promotion 2000mm Hydraulic system
of main pump model
CBG1 - F032/032 Drill rod diameter 76mm
Skid pitch 100° The main
pump speed
2000-2400L/min Guide compensation 900mm
Swinging angle
of skid
Left and right
total 40°
The main
pump pressure
20 Mpa Lifting force 24800N
Drill pipe
rotation speed
0-70r/min The main valve flow 100 L/min Guide pitch Up and down
Power rating 56Kw Hydraulic tank volume 200L Guide swing Left 40 right30
Climb ability 35° Climb ability degrees 30 Climb ability 30 degree
4370 x 2010 x 4290
Ground clearance 260mm
weight 4360Kg weight 4590Kg Total weight 38000kg
Walk speed 0-2.5km/h Walk speed 0-5 KM/h Walk speed 0-2.5km/h

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