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Sanbot Max Product Instruction for Professional Version

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Please carefully read this Instruction before using the Sanbot Max Professional version  robot (hereinafter referred to as Sanbot Max Pro), so you can operate this robot very easily as soon as possible.

Please keep this instruction properly after reading it.

Robot is a self-operating equipment, and improper operation will lead to accidents or injuries.

Please refer to this instruction and other related guidelines to make sure safety installation and usage.

Sanbot Max Pro application scenario and main function

Sanbot Max Pro integrates the function of load, automatic mapping and navigation, obstacle avoidance, voice interaction, multi-media, and open platform. It builds intelligent wholesales platform for enterprise, restaurant, hotel, market, building, finance, and other industries, and can help physical store turn consumer into users with high viscosity and continuous consumption.  With powerful function, Sanbot Max Pro can satisfy repeated job post demand in service links of all kinds of enterprises and partial replace correspond post staff to save the cost of staff and management and increase service efficiency, therefore reaching continuous profit.

1. Sanbot Max Pro is 137cm tall and weighs 100kg. It has two arms and palms, five degrees of freedom of each side of arms and five degrees of freedom of each side of palms. With the rotation of 180 degrees on the horizontal and 90 degrees on the vertical of head, it can realize the display of diversified gesture and actions, like greeter and dance.

2. Sanbot Max Pro can support 3D SLAM map building, trajectory planning, navigation, and realize map building and localization of interior space with 3D vision. Combining 3D, infrared and ultrasonic to fuse obstacle avoidance mode, Sanbot Max Pro can realize the function of emergency braking in case of unexpected situation and moving on bypass obstacle.

3. Sanbot Max Pro with all-weather surveillance HD color camera on the head, HD camera at the bottom of chest screen, vision camera with global exposure and anti-visible interference on the top and back of chassis to use for vision localization and recognition.

4. Sanbot Max Pro has 11 touch sensors, 2 OLED eye displays, 4 atmosphere lamps, and all of them can be triggered or flexible switch based on different scenario.

5. Sanbot Max Pro adopts voice interaction solution with 6 microphones pickup, which can make voice localization, echo cancellation beam orientation, high frequency gain, reverberation cancellation.

6. Sanbot Max Pro chassis adopts structural design of four-wheel outer hub motor plus Mecanum wheel, so it can realize 360 degrees rotation, speed of movement up to 5m/s, climbing height up to 4.5cm, and flexible adjustment of center of gravity to realize the handling of objects weighing up to 75kg.

7. Sanbot Max Pro with plenty of interfaces, such as DC 12V power supply, AC 220 V power supply, USB, HDMI, can access to many kinds of electronic devices.

8. Sanbot Max Pro with bracket on its chest, hook on its back chassis, so it can satisfy different application scenario demands by selecting plates, security box, trailer, display and booster chair.

9. Sanbot Max Pro with open system, can satisfy custom development or self-development of diversified industry customer.

(Please contact your distributor for more information about purchase and accessories)

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