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CDH-C Plug In Sliding Buffer Stop



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Features And Application

CDH-C Plug In Sliding Buffer Stop

safety equippment installed at the end of railroad to prevent vehicle from crashing when runs off.

Reasonable structure, large braking force, and plug-in connection method for support arm and brake rail. Easy to install, repair and reset.

Basic model: CDH-C, plug-in buffer stop for rail tracks is suitable for standard rail vehicles, buffer base center to rail surface distance is 850mm, model with an auxiliary mark used for other vehicles.

Buffer base geometry and buffer base center to rail surface distance is matched with hook of vehicle to be braked. Width of main frame corresponds to rail gauge, for various vehicles of standard track, wide track, narrow track and urban rail transit.

Model Meanings

Wide GaugeNarrow GaugeLight RailSubwayUrban Transit
  YImpact speed km/h (10, 15, 20, 25, 28 etc)
  ZBuffer Center to Rail Surface Height mm
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Structure And Working Principle

Buffer stoppers length of 2800mm consist of main frame and two pairs of boosters.

Buffer rubber plate

Impact force of vehicle is transmitted to the brake rail by buffer rubber plate and left and right support arm.

Brake rail, spring seat creats frictional resistance to basic rail to prevents sliding

Elastic pressure device composed of plate spring, spring seat, wedge iron, seat installed in the main frame brake rail and booster brake rail, its role is to form pressure in static to increase the frictional resistance during braking, and the dynamic braking force can continue to function until it stops.

Arm plate is made of full plate and consists of support, front and rear crossbeams, upper and lower inclined beams, which are closely connected to each other to form a main frame. The structure is reasonable, the overall strength is strong, and can withstand the impact of larger vehicle speed

Arm plate is directly inserted into the brake rail by shoe block at the lower part, the structure is simple, installation, maintenance and resetting are convenient

Body frame under force promotes front and back two pairs of brake track and two pairs of booster gliding, friction gradually increased, prevent collision of vehicles and main frame, also increases cumulative resistance.

Pictures For Reference Only. Please Contact Our Sales to Confirm.

Main Technology Parameter

  Max Impact Speed v and Height h
3CDH-C20v = 20 km/hh = 1.57m
4CDH-C25v = 25 km/hh = 2.46m
  Sliding Horizontal Resistance
1 10t2 15t3 20t4 26t5 29t
  Height of buffer base center to rail
850 ±10mm720 ±10mm660 ±10mm660 ±10mm
  Sliding Total Horizontal Resistance
1 10t 2 15t3 20t4 26t5 29t
Vehicle Wight(t)Speed(km/h)Buffer Stop Resistance(t)
Pictures For Reference Only. Please Contact Our Sales to Confirm.

Installation And Requirements

CDH-C Railway Buffer Stop

Technical conditions of line should be consistent with the standard of work, gauge is

Railway buffer stopper should be installed in the last section of the end of track, near the rail joints with no fishplats, stopper and end of the line should be a certain distance, the greater the distance, the better braking effect.

CDH-C Hydraulic Buffer Stop
Installation Methods:

①Place left & right arm on basic rail, connect it to stand with pivot pin.

②Lift the arm, place spring seat, leaf spring and seat in order on the basic track below the shoe block.

③Use the brake rail to clamp shoe block, and also rail head of basic rail, and then use the three bolts to connect to brake rail. Note that the outer two bolts must pass through the support frame, seat should be located in the middle of the pressure hole.

④Front and back beam and upper and lower beam connected to four corners below arm, as shown in figure, the middle of the two oblique beam and the four corners connected with pin. After finishing the above initial installation, fasten all the bolts.

⑤Booster is installed on the basic rail, place spring seat, plate spring and seat in turn and then with the two-way brake rail to clip it in the middle, also grip rail head of the basic rail, then use two bolts to tighten the brake rail. The first pair of boosters is 100 mm from the main frame and the second pair of boosters is 80 mm from the first pair, parallel to each other with an error of no more than 2 mm.

⑥Press each spring plate with pressurizer: press U-shaped pressure block into neutral position on both sides of seat, press screw head mounted on center nut of pressurizer to align with pressure block, prssurizer rail base plate hang on both sides hook on basic rial base plate, tighten with nuts, with a length of about 1.5 meters iron rod to screw pressure screw and wedge iron bewteen seat and plate spring to make gap of plate spring and spring seat 0.6 ± 0.05 mm.

⑦Install the sign on the stand

⑧After installation, paint mark on rail waist to facilitate daily check whether buffer stop is crashed.

Pictures For Reference Only. Please Contact Our Sales to Confirm.

Several Maintenance Methods

Railway buffer stop after crash should be promptly restored to its original position, remove wedge iron,push main frame and boosters back to its original position, and then re-fastening, pressurized.

Keep buffer stop in a good working condition, and check monthly whether there is any displacement, deformation and loose screws, immediately deal with any abnormality.

Pay attention to clear obstacles in the sliding direction of the stoppers and handle the ultra-high spike and sleeper bolts.

Brush anti-rust paint on buffer stop every two years

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