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Wet Dust Extraction Fan

 Wet Dust Extraction Fans



Wet Dust Extraction Fan

Wet Dust Extraction Fans Introduction

1.Dust removal mine ventilation is composed by mine ventilator with a wet vibrating wire catching dust components.

2. Dust-laden air inhaled dust blower, local dust purification ,dust captured by wet vibrating string dust precipitator, purificated air expel from the outlet dust precipitator after catching dust, To achieve the purpose of purifying romantic.

3.The Dust removal fan is suitable for mechanized excavation face, removal dust,air purification in excavating operation in situ , can also be used to coal, rock roadway, shotcrete face drilling, blasting the workplace.

Wet Dust Extraction Fan

Wet Dust Extraction Fans

Rated Volume (m³/min)
Dust Extraction Fan Efficiency(%)
Water Pressire(MPa)
Working Resistance(Pa)
Inlet Diameter(mm)
Rated Power(KW)
Rated Voltage(V)
Rated Currency(A)
Weight (kg)

Wet Dust Extraction Fans Features

Wet Dust Extraction Fans Features

1. Unique principle, small size, light weight, use a dust removal mechanism with a variety of "vibrating wire filter plate" means catching dust through the filtration velocity can be increased to 10-18m / s.

2. Low working resistance and energy consumption: working resistance at 1200Pa, unit energy consumption of air volume about 30% of similar products.

3. High dust extraction efficiency, suitable for a wide range of dust concentration, measured when the dust concentration 24000mg/m3, can still work without clogging.

4. Simple structure, no cleaning cycle, "vibrating wire filter plate" self-purification ability, long-term continuous operation, do not plug without removing the cleaning and maintenance.

Wet Dust Remove Ventilation Fan
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Wet Dust Extraction Fans

Wet Dust Extraction Fans Parameter
Dust Remove
Air Volume(m³/min)

eg.:KCS-225 dust remove ventilation fan

Meaning:225 (m³/min) air volume wet dust extraction fan

Wet Dust Extraction Fans

Wet Dust Extraction Fan
Mainly composed of inlet pipeline, dust remover, motor, outlet pipeline, and its structure is shown in Figure 1; its structure with steel plates welded together, each cylinder with flange bolt, impeller and motor direct way. The body is compact, durable, safe, easy to maintain.
Wet Dust Extraction Fans Structure

Wet Dust Extraction Fan

Dusty air flow into the dust catcher by wind power suction (pressured), through vibrating filters, water sprayers that built-in the flow direction to spray on a vibrating filter plate, attached to the water curtain dust wet fiber can gain or coagulation or stranded. Fiber vibration caused by the dusty air strengthened dust fusion of mist grain and containing dust air, improve the capture on micro-dust, due to self fiber cleaning ability of vibration string filter device, and the sprayer constantly spray to filter device, makes containing dust gas that after throught filter device into wet containing dust liquid air, containing dust liquid air through cyclone leaves formed high-speed rotating of liquid air, in centrifugal force, throwing containing dust mist to dehydration tube within wall formed sewage flow, through dehydration ring sewage outlet or into cycle filter tank again by spray pumping station cycle using.
Wet Dust Remove Ventilation Fan Principle

1.Spraying System 2.Water Filter Device 3.Water Inlet Pipeline 4.Vibrating Screen Plate 5.Dehydration Device

Wet Dust Extraction Fans

Wet Dust Extraction Fans

1.Air Outlet 2.KCS Dust Exstraction Fan 3. Duct Joint 4. Draw Frame Duct 5. Sprayer 6. Support Frame 7.Press-In Duct 8. Belt Load Machine 9. Tunnel Boring Machine 10. Load Machine Mobile Vehicle 11.Belt Conveyor 12. Sewage Outlet 13. Belt Conveyor

Figure5 KCS Series Dust Extraction Fan Mounting Arrangement Diagram

Wet Dust Extraction Fans

Wet Dust Extraction Fans

1.Has supporting legs and hanging holes, can be installed on the ground or hung over the tunnel.

2.Impeller rotation direction must comply with the indicated on the casing in the direction indicated by the arrow.

3.A long-distance transport or dormant fan for a long time, before using, measure stator insulation resistance (insulation resistance is not less than 100 mohm), inspected and can be plugged in, pilot run for 10 minutes, if there is no abnormal noise can be put into normal operation.

4.Dust extraction fan install and use must be consistent with the relevant provisions of the mine safety regulations.

5.When used in underground coal mines, must be applied with u-shape no-flame spread rubber-sheathed cables.

6.Before using, make sure connection is reliable, impeller rotation direction is correct, pilot run is flexible, without murmur or abnormal sound, crash.

Wet Dust Extraction Fans Wet Dust Extraction Fans
KCS-500Wet Dust Extraction Fans

KCS-500 Wet Dust Extraction Fans


Mining Wet-Type Dust Extraction Fan is adequate for face of tunneling, stone drift and work place of holing, shot firing. Air with dust was indraft with local fan, and dust was captured by wet-type dust extractor, purified air was ejected by air outlet pipeline.

Wet Dust Extraction Fans Failuer

Working Principle

Dust from the inlet side of the suction tube to suction duct ill, into the dust hosts. Bidirectional interception spray means to spray mist, fog forming region, the dust passes through the mist atomizing zone is infiltration, formation of water droplets, water droplets are intercepted diamond mesh pull-filtering device, to the bottom box, containing residual The air then drop off the plate and then after tooth water separation device to separate dust, water droplets are separated to the bottom box, dust collection after sewage outfall discharge through dust hosts, clean air is discharged through the rear housing release.

KCS-120Y Wet-Type Dust Extraction Device

Wet-Type Dust Extraction Device


KCS-120Y Mining Wet-Type Dust Extraction Device is driven directly by the hydraulic system and it can be able to purify a majority of dust generated by the tunnel boring machine. It can enhance the airflow speed near the cutting head of the boring machine.

Wet Dust Extraction Fans Failuer

Technical Characteristic

1 Small, light in weight, vibration wire filter plate device was used with multiple dust extraction mechanism;

2 Low working resistance, energy saving, energy consumption per unit handling amount of air was only 30% of like products;

3 High efficiency, adequate for wide range of dust concentration(1.5~10µm). While field dust concentration is 24000mg/m3, our product can work properly. It is also satisfied to work in low dust concentration environment.

4 Simplicity and convenience; Vibration wire filter plate has strong ability of self-purification; Endure long period of continuous work, no jam, few cleaning and maintenance.

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