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I. Project Overview

The Zhong Yun Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project is located in the high-tech zone of Yantai City, covering an area of about 95 acres and a total investment of about 600 million yuan. The investment and construction by Shandong China Coal Group is a major strategic deployment of China Coal Group to develop manufacturing and improve manufacturing levels.

Manufacturing is the primary of the national economy, and it is the essential of the country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country, and the foundation of a strong country.

At a crucial moment when a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation and China's accelerated transformation of economic development form a historic meeting, the state put forward the strategic goal of "Made in China 2025". China Coal Group actively responded to the call of the state, relying on the emerging information technology represented by cloud computing, Internet of Things and big data, based on the mature e-commerce industry model of the Group to actively develop the intelligent manufacturing industry and create new advantages for enterprises.

2. Project planning

The Zhong Yun Intelligent Park project is divided into two phases, including the first phase of the Cross-border E-commerce Project and the second phase of the Intelligent Manufacturing Project.

The first phase of Cross-border E-commerce Project, investing 30 million yuan for the construction and operation of Cross-border E-commerce Platform, the main business is the import and export of various types of machinery and equipment.

The second phase of intelligent manufacturing project, with an investment of 570 million yuan, introduces international advanced technology concepts such as Germany, develops and produces industrial robots, restaurant service robots, intelligent home robots, entertainment robots, fire fighting robots, intelligent sensors, high-tech drones, High-end intelligent products such as 3D printing equipment and intelligent security equipment. Among them, Intelligent Manufacturing Production Workshop construction area 35,000 square meters; Cross-border E-commerce Center construction area of 12000 square meters; Intelligent Industry Research And Development Laboratory with the construction area of 5000 square meters, Logistics Distribution with the construction area of 5000 square meters; Product Exhibition Hall with the construction area of 3000 square meters; E-commerce Training with the construction area of 3000 square meter; Administrative Office with the construction area of 5000 square meter; Expert Building with the construction area of 3000 square meter; other comprehensive supporting, with the construction area of 15000 square meter; total construction area of 86,000 square meter, covering an area of about 63000 aquare meter about 95 acres).

3. Social Effects

1. Zhong Yun Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park relies on China Coal Group's rich operational experience in Cross-border E-commerce and E-commerce Platform and its technological advantages in Industrial Informationization, Intelligent Manufacturing, Big Data and Cloud Computing to promote the upgrading of traditional industries such as machinery manufacturing, vehicle and ship manufacturing, and auto parts in Yantai and surrounding areas, upgrading the traditional industries, creating new develop engines and cultivating new develop kinetic energy. Yantai is one of the three core cities of new and old kinetic energy conversion comprehensive experimental zone in Shandong Province. With this historical opportunity, China Mobile Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park will become a model for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province.

2. Project driving: Each year, 2,000 intelligent technicians and cross-border e-commerce professionals can be trained to solve the actual employment of 1,000 college students.

4. Future Planning

In the future, Zhong Yun Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park will actively respond to the state's action spirit of coordinated promotion of the "Made in China 2025" and "Internet +", starting from a global strategy of "wide-area, high-level, and diversified", turning the industrial park into a collection. "Intelligent manufacturing, commodity trading, industrial services, logistics and distribution, exhibitions, e-commerce training, business offices and comprehensive support" eight-in-one national first-class "smart manufacturing + cross-border e-commerce industrial park", make contribution for to realize Chinese nation manufacture strong country dream.

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