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How to Maintenance Concrete Mixer I

Date: 29/03/2017   View: 47  Tags: Concrete Mixer Maintenance How

Oil and circuit and control equipment lubrication inspection, add oil to concrete mixer as required. Before each shift,  add water in the mixing bucket idle 1-2 minutes, but check the clutch and brake device reliability of the work. check if the motor seized, reducers, gear noise is normal,  if the temperature rise is too high concrete mixer during operation. 

After completion of the work shifts should be carefully cleaned concrete mixer. A concrete mixer general maintenance work after 100h for primary care. 

1, concrete mixer in the primary care, in addition to including the content of the work routine maintenance, but still need dismantling the clutch, check and adjust the brake clearance, such as the clutch inner and outer brake band wear off even be replaced. Also check the rope, V belt bearing, water distribution systems and running wheel. 

2. compulsory concrete mixer at maintenance level, the gap between the blades should be checked and adjusted stirring blade and the liner between the hopper and the discharge door seals and flexible, the degree of wear of the clutch of the normal level of the water distribution system algorithm. 

3. Using a rotating concrete mixer chain need to check chain pitch elongation case two maintenance concrete mixers two maintenance cycle is generally 700 ~ 1500h hours of work, two maintenance in addition to a work-maintained, shall be demolished check reducer, motor and open gears, etc.


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