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How to Carry Out Daily Maintenance of Forklift

Date: 11/05/2017   View: 44  Tags: Forklift How to Maintenance

The proper use and maintenance of the forklift will extend the service life of the forklift, reduce the failure rate and improve the efficiency. Here are some steps for how to carry out daily maintenance:

1  clean the forklift every day;

2  check the oil, fuel, water leakage;

3  water tank inspection;

Remove the tank cover, through the observation hole. If the coolant level is maintained, then the water tank cover is re - installed. Such as the height of the liquid level, you need to add water. Pay attention to add water, not of dirty water. Special attention should be paid to prevent the heat and steam out of the water when the water tank is checked.

4  air filter check

Using compressed air to blow dust or dirt, that blow from the inside to the outside; check the folding part is damaged.

5  pipeline and oil cylinder inspection;

Check the hydraulic line and three cylinder if there is oil leakage.

6  block shelf (door frame) inspection

Remove the cover gas and oil level check whether in scale. Check the retaining rack (door frame) and the fork bracket mounting bolt, such as loose, tighten.

7  battery electrolyte check

To observe whether the battery electrolyte is in the battery box body, such as in the calibration line, then add electrolyte, but not exceed the scope of the calibration line.

8  check the engine oil level

Taking the diesel oil dipstick, wipe after insertion, and then taking the oil to observe the oil level, the oil level should be the scale between. When checking the oil level, if it is cold oil, it can not correctly reflect the level

How to Carry Out Daily Maintenance of Forklift


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