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Group Leaders Were Invited To Visit Huawei's Shandong Big Data Center

Date: 2018-11-26 08:29:38.0   View: 191  

At the invitation of Huawei large data centers in Shandong, on the morning of November 24, group executive vice president Li Zhengbo and Fan Peigong, deputy general manager office director Zhu kun, group, network information such as company general manager Wei Ran, science and technology company manager Lu Haiyong leaders visited the Shandong large data centers, Huawei Gou Jiachen, head of large enterprises, Shandong Jining office warm reception by the leaders of the group director Li Guangkai valleys, li, always a fan.

In Huawei's Shandong big data center, Mr. Li and Mr. Fan visited the command center, cloud computing data center, standard machine room and several intelligent modular machine rooms, and listened to the introduction of Hawei experts on the construction of big data center. It is reported that Huawei Shandong big data center has entered the operation stage at present, more than 200 servers have entered the working state, the big data center can accommodate 1064 cloud cabinet, can provide 700P cloud storage service capacity, mainly for Shandong province to provide neutral resident cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and other services. In addition, Huawei's Shandong big data center is more than 30 nodes deployed by Huawei in China. It is a second-level node (there are only three first-level nodes in China) and the only one deployed in Shandong at present. It will be integrated into Huawei's global cloud service network for unified management.

In recent years, the group actively response to the "cloud" on the business plan of action, make full use of good government "cloud service vouchers", issued to key enterprises in the financial aid opportunities, increase investment in the "cloud" on the enterprise informatization, speed up the informationalization of the ascending group application level, in the use of big data, cloud computing promote transformation and upgrading of old and new kinetic energy transformation, promote enterprise in the top in the province's. The industrial Internet platform of coal machinery industry independently developed and operated by our group, Yi Kuang Yun, has been listed as a key supporting project of cross-border e-commerce and a key e-commerce platform of Shandong province by the ministry of industry and information technology. It has made positive contributions to promoting enterprises to go to the cloud and promoting the transformation of new driving forces of enterprises.

Lee said, the company in the field of cloud computing with leading technical level, operating ability and the world-class brand influence of globalization, and the group as a key enterprise in Shandong province industrial Internet platform, Jining big data and cloud computing key enterprises, especially in the field of big data and cloud computing construction walk at the forefront of the city, next want to through the cooperation with Huawei Shandong large data centers, accelerate the construction of group data center machine room, to better promote my group big data, the development of cloud computing to a new level!


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