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Warmly Welcome Russian Businessmen To Visit The Group To Purchase Equipment

Date: 2019-01-07 08:28:33.0   View: 200  

On January 5th, a group of Russian businessmen came to the group's e-commerce industrial park for a visit and investigation on matters related to product procurement and long-term cooperation. Zhang Wen, general manager of the group's cross-border e-commerce company warmly received the visiting businessmen.

The Russian businessmen visit our group to purchase the main paver, spraying machine and other mechanical equipment. Accompanied by general manager Zhang, the merchants visited the group's intelligent equipment production workshop, and carefully observed the production process of pavers and sprayers on the first production site, and reviewed the samples. The staff made a detailed description and introduction of the technical parameters of the products.

Customers through site visit to understand, to plan to purchase multiple products are very satisfied with the performance, the merchant said, high-profile products sales in Russia market, industry in the good word of mouth, through on-the-spot investigation, the group's strong intelligent equipment manufacturing capacity and advanced technology research and development capabilities have a more comprehensive understanding, also felt the group cooperation sincerity, hope that through a long-term cooperation between the two sides, to better promote the development of international trade between China and Russia. Subsequently, the two sides on equipment procurement related matters to negotiate and successfully reached cooperation.

As a large cross-industry and diversified enterprise, the group has built its brand in the world with high-quality products and perfect services. Various equipment has been exported to 151 countries and regions in the world, making positive contributions to the export of China's foreign trade. In 2019, the group will further strengthen the overseas market development, expand the scale of foreign trade export, and strive to create a new situation of foreign trade import and export of the group! Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit the group purchase, cooperation and win-win!


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