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Warm Congratulations on the Successful Registration of Jining China Coal Intelligent Technology Research Institute

Date: 2019-03-27 08:25:08.0   View: 109  

The establishment of Jining China coal intelligent technology research institute marks that China coal group has entered a new stage of development in the field of industrial intelligent technology research and development.

Made in China as a large manufacturing enterprises, the group actively response 2025 national strategic planning, to promote the old and new kinetic energy transformation, enhance the level of manufacturing industry and Internet integration development, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, through the introduction of foreign advanced robot technology philosophy, has successfully developed industrial robot, restaurant service robots, intelligent household robots, entertainment robots, fire-fighting robot, caterpillar explosive-handling robot, high-tech agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), 3 d printing devices, intelligent security equipment such as industrial intelligent products, for the rapid development of artificial intelligence industry has made a positive contribution!

The core of "made in China 2025" is digital manufacturing, networked manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. "Mechanization, automation and intelligent manufacturing" is the only way for the manufacturing industry to go high-end. The establishment of Jining China coal intelligent technology research institute marks that China coal group has formally stepped on the road of marketization and industrialization in the field of industrial intelligence, and will better promote the group's manufacturing industry on the road of "mechanization, automation and intelligence", and further enhance the group's high-tech strength in the field of intelligent control!

Intelligent manufacturing is a complex and huge system engineering, which requires joint efforts, deep coordination and joint promotion of all parties. Next, Jining coal intelligent technology research institute of China coal group, relying on advanced intelligent manufacturing experience, build a high quality is given priority to with PhD, master's research and development team, combined the national well-known universities and research institutions, the institute into a dual platform of technology and industry incubation, strive for in, transformation smart intelligent manufacturing problems in scientific research, leading output mode, hatch innovation enterprises play a important role in promoting demonstration!



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