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Wet Gunite Machine



Introduction of Wet Gunite Machine

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Wet Gunite Machine also named wet shotcret machine, wet concrete spraying machine is a concstruction equipment used for wet spraying concrete, compared with the dry shotcrete machine, tidal guniting machine, Wet Gunite Machine has a small working dust, Less injection rebound, protect the working environment, save raw materials, improve spray quality and other significant advantages, but also easy to operate and maintain.

Wet Gunite Machine Wet Shotecrete Machine Wet Concerete Sprayer Machine
Uniform and Stable Guniting

Wet Gunite Machine adopting low-pressure low-speed vortex airflow delivery and short-distance shotcreteing work to overcome the problems of plugging, pulse, segregation, etc.

Wet Guniting Machine Wet Shotecreting Machine Wet Concerete Spraying Machine

Features of Wet Gunite Machine


Reasonable Sealing

Reasonable sealing structure, reducing the degree of dust pollution, less dust

Wet Gunite Machine Wet Gunite Machine

Material Saving

Low Springback, Material Saving

Gunite Machine

Wet Gunite Machine

Material Saving Wet Gunite Machine is used for spraying wet concrete with advantages of small working dust, less ejection rebound, protecting working environment, saving raw materials, improving spray quality, operation and maintenance convenience.

Quality Guaranteed

Concrete has been mixed well before injection, to ensure the mix ratio, thus ensuring the quality of concrete.

Shotcrete Machine Wet Shotcrete Machine Construction Shotcrete Machine Mining Shotcrete Machine

Structure and Working Principle


Wet Gunite Machine is mainly consists of driven motor, reducer, turn the font assembly, sealing plate, hopper seat, vibration hopper,
pressing mechanism and quick-setting agent delivery system, air duct system, electric control device and other components.

Working Principle

Concrete is mixed according to the ratio by the concrete mixer and added to the vibration hopper, to the rotor body cavity through the screen, the rotor body will rotate the material to the panel discharge port, compressed air after " wind device " is divided into three routes: one to the quick-setting admixture mixer, one to the cyclone (downwind), and then one route to the hopper seat (windward), the wind through the hopper seat, rotor body cavity, through the panel outlet. Therefore, when rotor body cavity with material reaches the discharge opening, the compressed air blows the mixture through the swirler and the sand blast tube to the spray head. The woenwind air passes through the swirler to form a cyclone, so when the material flow through the cyclone, the material has been accelerated rotation, which is not easy to produce sticky blocking tube.

  • Wet Gunite Machine for Tunnel ConstructionWet Gunite Machine for Tunnel Construction
  • Wet Gunite Machine for Outdoor ConstructionWet Gunite Machine for Outdoor Construction

The addition of liquid quick-setting admixture is accomplished by a conveyor system consisting of a quick-setting admixture pump, accumulator, manifold, flow meter and other components. Manifolds include relief valves, check valves, mixing chambers. The liquid quick-setting agent is pumped out of the tank by the quick-setting admixture pump, then flows through the overflow valve, the regulating valve and the flow meter to the mixing chamber to blow quick-setting agent to the nozzle seat and spout out with mixed material.

Wet Gunite Machine

Application of Wet Gunite Machine

Wet Gunite Machine is widely used for shotcrete construction work in mines, tunnels, culverts, subway, hydropower projects, underground works and coal mine, tunnel.

Application of Wet Gunite Machine Application of Wet Gunite Machine Application of Wet Gunite Machine Application of Wet Gunite Machine Application of Wet Gunite Machine

Parameter of Wet Gunite Machine

Production Capacity: 5m3/h Concrete Mix Ratio: 1:4-5C/A
Water Cement Ratio: ≤0.4 Max. Conveying Distance: 30m
Max. Aggregate Size: Φ15mm Tube ID: Φ50mm
Working Pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa Air Consumption: 7-8m3/min
Feeding Height: 1.1m Motor Power: 5.5KW
Voltage Class: 380V Total Weight: 700kg
Overall Size LXWXH: 1980×950×1300(mm)  

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