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PRC Series Mining Manned Level Man Car

PRC series level man car is suitable for the roadway that gradient is less than 5‰, which is driven by electric locomotive traction, smooth, safe and comfortable. The man car not only run, but also gr

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Introduction of PRC Series Mining Manned Level Man Car

PRC series level man car is suitable for the roadway that gradient is less than 5‰, which is driven by electric locomotive traction, smooth, safe and comfortable. The man car not only run, but also group columns running, which are fast, safe and convenient

PRC series level man car is suitable for the roadway that gradient is less than 5‰, which is driven by electric locomotive traction, smooth, safe and comfortable. The man car not only run, but also group columns running, which are fast, safe and convenient.

PRC series level man car is the safety personnel transportation equipment of all kinds of mining level roadway. The level lane mancar is equipped with spring buffers in the traction devices, front and rear ends and running gear, which can ensure the man car running smoothly.

Model Significance of PRC Series Mining Manned Level Man Car

Take PRC12-6/3 For Example


R C——man car

12——seating capacity



Application Notice

Operation and maintenance is very important for ensuring the safety of personnel. The personnel should obey the driver signal command: do not stand in the car, do not get out to pick something up, do not take off the miner's lamp caps, do not sit for miner's lamp box and self-rescuer, do not crowded and etc.

Technical Parameters of PRC Series Mining Manned Level Man Car

PRCmodel    PRC6      PRC12     PRC18

seating capacity                   6           12          18

Max SpeedM/S              3            3            3

tractive forceKN           30          30           30

Horizontal curve radiusm m          8            8            8

gaugem                   0.6         0.6          0.762/0.900

Haule heightm              0.380      0.380       0.380


lengthm                       3.100      4.280       4.280

widthm                       1.020      1.020       1.300

heightm                       1.580      1.552       1.552

Photos of of PRC Series Mining Manned Level Man Car

PRC Series Mining Manned Level Man CarPRC Series Mining Manned Level Man Car

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